Начальник юридичного відділу/управління, юридичний радник, координарор договірної роботи,

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  • Арбитраж
    Договорное право
    Корпоративное право
    Взыскание задолженности
    Судебный процесс
    Гражданское право

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Skilled legal professional with a strong knowledge of the legal processes and procedures with more than ten years of excellent experience in providing legal assistance in the different sectors looking for a position as a Legal practitioner in a grown-up company where my knowledge and skills could be used.


Commercial Court of Chernihiv Region 

Court chairman’s assistant                                         February 2018 - present time

Implementation of organizational and analytical support for the work of the court chairman, prepares information materials, speeches, draft reports, co-reports, orders on the work of the court. Provision of interaction with law enforcement and other state bodies, public organizations, media on the administration of justice.


Commercial Court of Chernihiv Region

Judge’s assistant                                                         April 2009 - September 2017

Selection, analysis of legislative acts of normative documents and judicial practice; Participation in court cases; Preparation of draft procedural documents, decisions; Analysis of case materials, preparation of certificates, communications, information, etc.


Commercial Court of Chernihiv Region

The secretary of the court session                                      July 2005 - March 2009                                                                                              

Assigned the tasks of handling vendor invoices and outside counsel. Prepared affidavits of corporate legal documents. Maintained filing system.





Kyiv National Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine            2003-2004

Master degree                                                                                                

Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management                            1999-2003

Bachelor degree


Personal skills 

Legal support in resolving international disputes.
Familiar with the court procedures.
Handled the tasks of preparing pleadings, affidavits, and other legal documents. Ensuring proper submission of the documents and confidentiality.

Participated in various corporate legal meetings.
Ability to generate strategic legal planning and work under pressure.
Strategic review of a business model and make future trends.
Extensive knowledge of reviewing complex written documents and making conclusions by taking into account all possible risks.
Excellent logical and problem-solving skills.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent organizational and management skills.
Skilled in legal research software and Internet research.
Business intelligence, critical thinking and decision-making skills, analytics, big data analysis.

Кратко о резюме
  • Соискатель

    Ігор Шабелюк , 42 года

  • Номер телефона

    войдите в профиль компании

  • Желаемая должность

    Начальник юридичного відділу/управління, юридичний радник, координарор договірної роботи,

  • Вид занятости
    1. Полная
  • Направление юриспруденции
    1. Арбитраж
    2. Договорное право
    3. Корпоративное право
    4. Взыскание задолженности
    5. Судебный процесс
    6. Гражданское право
  • Желаемая зарплата

    30000 грн.

  • Дата публикации:

    31.10.2020 г.

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